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Understanding Cultural vs. Chemical Practices

These will be the two main management techniques that are used on a golf course.

Cultural: can be methods used as prevention rather than curatively

- the main concept is that every disease has its own relationship toward the environment

- steps that can be made in general can be as follows; planting resistant cultivars, creaing better drainage, creating better air circulation, controlling irrigation, watching fertility, and opening shaded areas open to light

Chemically: has a advantage over cultural control where if balanced right can be applied both as preventative and curative.

- the main concept here is reading the label, the one listed below has important information

- the label tells what fungicides are curative or preventive, their MOA, and their product name. It also prperly tells the applicator how to administer required doses in a calibrated manner.

- MOA refers to mode of action, which can be either sytemic or contact. Contact is the funcide lands on the leaf and works that part of the plant the droplet touches. Systemic movement draws the fungicide in to the plant where it moves down to the roots and back up through the plant.

- in my mind chemical treatments of diseases is the fastest most effective way of handling an immediate disease. Cultural are very important to set the golf course up in a way where disease suseptibility is at a low probability. Even the courses who have taken every measure to prepare themselves culturally will still be hit with a turfgrass disease.


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