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Learning How to Properly Integrate Disease Management on a Golf Course

Simple Guidelines to Follow Through On

"Plant Pathology is the study of the microorganisms and of the environmental factors that cause disease in plants; of the mechanisms by which these factors induce disease in plants; and of the methods of preventing or controlling disease and reducing the damage it" a quote from renound pathologist G.N. Agrios

Disease management strategies – may be used alone or in combination. When used in combination often referred to as an integrated disease management (IDM) approach.

1. Genetic host resistance – planting species, cultivars or varieties that resist infection or that get infected but for which their yield is not affected. There is some resistant cultivars but these are only recomended in relation to the budget of the course and the direction of your managemnent plan.

2. Cultural practices – management practices that minimize or eliminate pathogen activity or otherwise favor plant vigor resulting in reduced disease.Watering, fertility and cultivation practices are three of the most common practices to focus your initial attention if concerned about disease pressure. Click on icon for more info on cultural control.

3. Chemical Aplications - the use of chemicals to counter the activity of a pathogen. Click on link for more information about chemical control.

4. Biological - the use of beneficial organisms to counter the activity of a pathogen. This method of control is of no use in attacking golf course disease but it is always something to keep understood. There may be a day when this will gain in the technological field.

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