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Common Diseases to All Cool Season Turgrasses

These diseases are to me the most common however I will post a link that will accomodate any other questions. The links that will be directing those to these sites are of significant scholarly background.

Pythium Foliar Blight

Downy Mildew

Dollar Spot

Brown Patch

Gray Leaf Spot

When looking at these diseases it will be important to understand the main concepts of detecting a disease.

1. Looking at the Big Picture: determine what sort of environment you are around, determine what sort of areas can be problematic and susceptible to disease.

2. Look for signs and symptoms: look for necrosis on leaves or diying back of the turf.

3. Picture the Disease Triangle in your head and recognize the relationships between host, pathogen, and environment.

4. Lastly, once the pathogen or disease has been determined it is now your job as a turf manager to develop a well thought out disease management program.

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